Our Story (Posted on 12/03/2020)

Kahani is derived from the Urdu language meaning “story” (کہانی ). Stories have a place in every culture and society and are expressed in many creative and artful ways. They invigorate imagination, passion, innovation and create a sense of comradery. Our Kahani came into fruition through a desire to create a sensory experience that pairs with the beauty of humankind and the wonders of our planet. As the candle flame kindles, and your own story begins, our mindfully crafted scents take you on a journey of wanderlust right at home.

At Kahani we strive to leave as little carbon footprint on our beloved planet as possible. We are a brand that is environmentally conscious of the health of our planet and humankind. From the aluminum wick holders to the protective shipping wrap around our candles and the corrugated box they arrive in - all of our packaging is recyclable. To protect your orders from breakage during shipping, we may use crinkle paper filler or cornstarch-based packing peanuts (these peanuts easily dissolve in water). Lastly, our glass containers are recyclable, but they can also be upcycled and repurposed after they are thoroughly washed out.

Along with our commitment to protecting the planet and your health, we are committed to socio and cultural awareness and sharing important issues/information to pay attention to around the planet. Through Kahani and its' mediums, we will spotlight creatives, artists, musicians, poets, and storytellers across the cultural spectrum of the world in an effort to foster unity, comradery and understanding amongst humankind. 

At the heart of Kahani, we are committed to supporting charitable causes that help relieve suffering in our communities. We believe people and our planet are valued over profit. So, a portion of every sale will be donated to charitable organizations that share our values and mission to provide relief for our homeless neighbors and support other charitable causes close to our hearts and in the pursuit of equality, equity and justice.


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