Post Show: Candle Light with Kahani featuring Carson Marshall (May 25, 2021)


In our latest Clubhouse: Candle Light with Kahani open mic we heard from creatives all over the globe sharing their artistry from unique instrumentals, honeyed vocals, and lyrical poetry. This round we featured an exceptionally talented violinist, Carson Marshall.

Carson is a classically trained violinist, musician, and meditation guide. He is deeply inspired by the stillness and grandeur of nature, fascinated by systemic insulation to tension, and loves catalyzing self actualization. Carson set the tone for the evening by guiding us through a healing mediation and closed the evening with his transcending music. Throughout the evening, Carson gave us a peak into his thoughtful initiative, Clearing the Stage. Clearing the Stage is a sonically oriented meditative process designed to empower the practitioner by developing their relationship with tension and dissonance. You can find his recorded guided mediations and more at

Kahani hosts a monthly open mic event on Clubhouse where we spotlight an artist, but also open the stage for others to perform or showcase their art, music, poetry, and stories. We welcome all creatives, storytellers and listeners.

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