Sanwli Saloni by Uneeza Zulfiqar

Uneeza Zulfiqar is an oil painter based in Lahore, Pakistan that focuses on depictions of human figures and translating the aura of the subject’s personality onto canvas. She uses vibrant colors, texture, and brush stroke technique to create realistic art. She is inspired by humanity, its aspirations and reality bringing the heart, mind and soul to live through her art. She has displayed her artwork in national painting exhibitions and art galleries. 
Along with her artistry, Uneeza is a dress designer and CEO of a clothing brand called Cotton Ginny and has her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Punjab University.
To see more of Uneeza’s work and join on her creative journey you can connect with her on Instagram (@uneeza_art). You can DM her on Instagram to inquire about commissioning or purchasing her art. She offers international shipping.

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