Trademark Registration Announcement - Kahani®


You may have noticed that we started using the little "®" symbol next to our brand name, Kahani. That’s because our small business has reached a new milestone. We are happy to announce we got our Trademark registration approved! Over the years, Kahani® has built a substantial reputation with our unique style, high quality products, and stellar customer care. Together, with our eco-consciousness and values, Kahani® brings to you an added exclusivity and prestige of our brand and products with our Trademark registration.

The coveted  “®” symbol puts the public on notice that Kahani® is a federally registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A  registered trademark gives my small business protections and rights from infringement under the Trademark laws ensuring it remains one-of-a-kind and elevates the Kahani® brand.


I knew my brand name was something special and that I had to protect it as soon as I was able to. I had been researching attorneys and finally found someone I really jived with on the Clubhouse app. After listening to Alli Elmunzer, Esq. sharing her trademark expertise on the Clubhouse app, I knew it was a match and the right time to invest in the growth of my small women-owned business. The trademark process is long and I was not always so patient, but Alli got me through it, and answered all my questions about registering my trademark. Not only is this a milestone for my small business, but for myself as a human - and I am so proud of this. I did not come from a privileged background and to be able to have this type of prestige and exclusivity for my small business, and most importantly for YOU, as my consumers, is truly an accomplishment. I plan to expand the Kahani trademark portfolio in the future, but for now, I am going to enjoy what we have accomplished so far.

Thank you so much Alli for all your hard work! If you are interested in trademarking your brand, start with reaching out to a trademark attorney.

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