We Got Married in Thailand!

It’s been a while, hello! We took a short hiatus, because Greg and I got married in Thailand!

There’s something magical about tying the knot in a faraway place. Thailand holds a soft spot in our hearts because it boasts of all the beauty of its picturesque natural surroundings, has the most irresistible aromas of its delicious food and is the home country of my husband’s family. So of course, when we thought about where we would like to have our destination wedding, it was our first choice. We are so blessed to have shared this special experience surrounded by our closest friends and family from all over the world. 

Thanks to our amazing wedding planning team The Bridal Planner for bringing our dream wedding to life. The TBP team curated our organic wedding vision filled with a palette of creamy neutrals, climbing greenery, tropical florals and glimmering lights and made it even more beautiful and enchanted than we could have ever imagined. We worked closely with TBP to create a design aesthetic that was truly a reflection of us. With only the use of Zoom calls, texts and thousands of miles between us, our wedding planning team thoughtfully captured every sentimental moment in their design detail. The TBP team went above and beyond to make every detail of our special day memorable. 

The welcome area.

Guestbook signing.


Dinner reception at the 



Dinner plate setting.

Night aesthetics for our dinner reception.


We promised you we had a really good reason for our hiatus. But, we are back in action and ready to serve you some exciting things from Kahani this year. Stay tuned. 
A special thank you to our amazing team of wedding vendors that made every moment possible and more.
Planning and Design : @thebridalplanner @tbpdreamteam
Venue : @rosewoodphuket
Photo/Video : @roonphotographer 
Celebrant : @tropical.events
DJ : @benjay747

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