Sukoon Wax Melts

Sukoon Wax Melts

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Peace. Relief. Comfort. These are the elements that create the defining characteristics of Sukoon (سکون). This scent blends earthy cleansing properties of eucalyptus and pairs it with the freshness of spearmint to transcend you into an ambiance of calm and relaxation. This purifying fragrance will cleanse your spaces of negative energy and send fresh tingly vibes of relief your way. Let yourself experience sukoon with its refreshing spa-like aroma.

Fragrance Notes:
Top: Lemon, 
Middle:  Eucalyptus, Spearmint
Base: Soft woods, Sage

Burn time: 25 hrs. / piece (8 pieces total)

Scent Strength: Medium
Packaging Box Dimensions: 3.22x3.22x1.37in
Packaging Box Material: Kraft Paper

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