A Note About the Artist

Greg Suphachinda

Greg Suphachinda is a freelance travel and lifestyle photographer with a focus on capturing stunning landscapes, nature, wildlife, cars, and candid portraits along his journey. Greg is also a registered ICU nurse who has spent most of his career in a hospital taking care of patients in need and applies his skills for attention to detail in his photographic art. In his free time, he is an avid global traveler with a thirst for wander, adventure, and photography.

Artist’s Statement

I am a freelance photographer using my photos to connect with nature and the wonders around the world. I started photography in college back in 2008. At that time, my father purchased a Nikon D60 DSLR for his business, but I ended up borrowing it for myself to capture eye-catching photos and moments. Later, I purchased my own camera, a Canon PowerShot SD880, to point and shoot for myself. Though it was not a DSLR, it allowed me to easily carry a camera on me in my travels and produced high quality photos for its small size.

When I was a young photographer, I first started taking photos to help me relive memories of past events. I didn’t really think about its composition. Now, more than a decade later, as a more seasoned photographer, I am more conscious about the framing, the subjects, lighting of the scene, and the kind of emotional response my shot may evoke from the viewer.

The photographs I take focus on capturing the beauty of the world and allow me to share my perspective, through my lens, to the public. I love the challenge of capturing a difficult shot. As an analytical thinker, when I am able to capture the perfect set of variables to shoot the shot, it makes me feel immense joy to know that I was able to accomplish that and I hope it brings joy to its viewers too. It inspires me to continue to explore the world to see what I may be able to capture next.

I know that photographs may not always be able to recreate the magic of the moment, but I hope my photographs come close to it and inspire people to explore and live through the moments.